Luxury Pens For Your Writing Pleasure

A pen is an extension of and complement to the expression of our  personalities. Expressing ourselves through writing should be a pleasurable and stylish experience and luxury pens help us fulfill that expectation. Here, we will explore the luxury pen in terms of varieties and prices, types available, and writing characteristics. After learning  these basic dimensions of luxury pens, we will have the understanding necessary to choose the right pen for our personal use or as a special gift.

Who Makes Luxury Pens?

There are two major sources of luxury pens. The first is the large manufacturers that produce and market throughout the world. In most cases they have excellent products and reputations. Examples include  Waterman from Paris in the $50 plus price range, Mont Blanc from Germany in the $100 to over $1000 range, and Cross from the USA in about the $50 range.

The other type of makers are small craft shops or individuals that craft pens from components that they purchase from a variety of suppliers. Prices range from about $25 to several hundred dollars. The quality and customer service can vary widely but you can often find very beautiful and unique pens from these sources. You can easily view offerings from both large manufacturers and small craft sources by entering “luxury pens” in your favorite search engine.

What Types are Available?

The basic types of pens include rollerball, ballpoint, and fountain pen. The rollerball and ballpoint are similar in that they both have a self-contained, replaceable ink cartridge that releases ink to paper. My experience is that rollerballs seem to have a smoother flow of ink compared to ballpoints, but it ultimately is a matter of personal preference.

Fountain pens use a reservoir or cartridge that connects to the pen nib that release its ink to paper. A couple of characteristics are worthy of consideration. A variety of pen nibs and ink color are available that allow the user to produce a very personal or artistic flair to the resulting writing. One of the issues related to fountain pens however is the need for proper storage and maintenance. Fountain pen nibs can become clogged or even rendered unusable if ink is allowed to dry in the nib.

How are luxury Pens Different From Ordinary Pens?

Luxury pens typically include premium ink cartridges and writing tips that provide a smoother and more even flow of ink to paper. The size, shape and weight of luxury pens also facilitate an ergonomic and comfortable writing experience. Finally, the materials and appearance are pleasant to behold. Take a look at some pen examples to get a better idea.

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