Maintenance for Luxury Pens

If you’re new to the luxury pens world, you’ll quickly learn that these devices need care and maintenance just like other expensive items you own. It may not need as much work as your car, but regular cleanings are still required in order for you to get the most out of your pens. Whether you own Parker fountain pens or Waterman fountain pens, you can apply the following advice to keep your pens working like new.

The best care you can give your luxury pens is to flush out the pen once a month. Although ink is a solution that contains no solids, the dyes and solutes in it can become more solid if not dissolved in water. The ink will eventually become more concentrated and clog the ink fissures. You should also flush out your pen when changing ink. To flush the pen out, simply empty out all the inside parts of the pen and repeatedly fill and empty it with cool water. Afterward, you can make a solution with one part ammonia and two parts water. Fill the pen three or four times with this solution to dissolve any solids that may have accumulated. However, if the pen is far too clogged for flushing, you will have to send it out to be professionally cleaned.

But what about the outside of your pen? You’ll want the outside to look just as shiny and new as the first day you purchased it. Cleaning the outside is easy. You can purchase any non-abrasive cleaner and polish. Apply polish and simply buff it with a soft cotton cloth -dry of course. Never use synthetic cloths because these can actually scratch luxury pens.

Now that your pen is clean and clog free, what about storage? When not regularly using pens, you can’t just toss them in the desk drawer. The best place to store pens is in a special storage box or cabinet lined with suede or felt. Some velvet is actually made with nylon and can scratch the pen. Therefore, only use velvet if you are absolutely sure it is not made with nylon. Never store a pen in a plastic bag. They can damage the material as well. Always flush your luxury pens out before storage and store them dry. Pens can be stored horizontally or vertically. If your pen cabinet has a glass top, do not store it where there is direct sunlight. Strong ultraviolet rays can ruin them.

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